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The purpose of this form is for us to discover the vision and value of what you could attain out of our working together.

A few guidelines:

Answer as much or as little as you'd like.
Be as detailed as you'd like, yet don't "stress" about doing this "right."
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If nothing were in the way, what would you most want to achieve in working together?  (Where would you be experiencing satisfaction, meaning, and fulfillment? What goals and dreams would you be attaining?) *
Where are you now in relation to these goals and dreams?  (What is working or not working currently? Where might there be an opportunity for learning, growth, or breakthrough?) *
What do you hope to achieve through coaching that you might not otherwise? *
What are you looking for in the person you choose to work with?  (What would you LOVE to be present in the person you choose to work with? i.e. "I'm looking for someone who... has certain qualities, takes a particular approach, has a specific area of experience, really "gets" a particular context, etc") *
Are you able to afford coaching?  I currently offer a sliding scale with 3 tiers: $200 / $225 / or $250 per month for 2 50-minute coaching sessions.   *
Any questions to see if we are a fit?  Anything else you'd like to say?  
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