J'adore Calisthenics - Pre-Registration Enrolment for 2020
Welcome to J'adore Calisthenics. We look forward to another fantastic year as a club. Below is our online enrolment form which needs to be completed prior to your first class.

*Please fill in one per pupil*

Summer Workshop Classes will be running in January for Subbies, Juniors and Inters and details for these classes will be emailed. Although optional, these classes are a great way to see and meet your team mates, and have a great warmup and stretch whilst also practicing skills.

Inters, Seniors and Masters will have GET SET sessions running throughout the start of February which will run a different week night to classes.

If you have any questions before your first class, please don't hesitate to contact us : jadorecalisthenics@hotmail.com or visit our website : www.jadorecalisthenics.com.au

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