BSA 2019: Summer Tasks Survey
This form will help us arrange your activities, summer tasks, and other details. You can find more detailed descriptions for some of these roles in BEAM Summer Away 2019 >> BEAM Summer Away Staff Guides >> Summer Long Roles in Google Drive.
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Shopping & Driving
The program will have several shopping trips during the summer for which drivers are useful. If you do not have your own car and are 21 or over, we can get you a program Zipcar membership. It is also helpful to have staff members with credit cards, especially for shopping trips, because we are tax-exempt but must pay directly with our own funds.
Driving *
Skip this question if you cannot drive.
Credit Card *
Although we will prefer to give credit cards to drivers, non-drivers can get them too.
Roles Open to Everyone
We are likely to have sufficient volunteers, so sign up for what you're really excited to do.
Talent Show Coordinator(s) *
At the end of each summer, we organize a program talent show where students and staff put on all kinds of acts, often especially singing and dance, but also lots of weirder stuff. The Talent Show roles include organizing the event (logistics) plus organizing rehearsal times and making sure that acts are appropriate.
Organize Icebreakers *
The day after students arrive, we have about 60-75 minutes of icebreakers to introduce everyone to everyone else. There is a fine art to making it silly but not too silly, and giving everyone a chance to come out of their shell without being put too much on the spot. You would come up with the icebreakers, train staff in running them, and then coordinate on the day-of. Note that ALL staff participate in icebreakers!
Roles for non-instructional staff
Skip this if you're faculty!
Field Day
An afternoon event with all kinds of field day games and activities (think giant tug-of-war, water balloon toss, bobbing for apples, physical challenges, etc.) plus other fun stuff; often also includes a photo scavenger hunt in the morning. Lots of logistics to put this together + coming up with the events. This happens at the end of the second week.
Take charge of medicine and medical supplies at the program. (No first aid experience necessary, although it is helpful.) Before the program, work with the nurse to make sure we have all necessary supplies. During the program, meet the nurse each morning to provide medicine to students, and ensure that students who must take evening medications do so. Prepare any medications we have to take on field trips. This is a big role; counselors who take this on generally go lighter on other duties to make up for it.
Religious Services
Coordinate with any students who want to go to religious services and coordinate staff volunteers to go with them. In general, this means church or mosque. You'd find places nearby for them to go, make sure a taxi has been called, and make sure a staff member is going with them.
Building & Grounds Contact
If anything happens with the physical plant, talk to B&G about getting it fixed. Best for a Bard/Union/HMC student or recent alum.
Mail Pickup
Pick up mail and packages each day. When supplies come in, add them to the supply room. If you get mail for a student, deliver to that student. If you get mail for staff, let them know that it has come.
Take all the pictures! We want to document many different moments from the summer and we will need help. There is a list of different types of shots to capture in Staff Guide folder. You will also need to get head shots of all the staff and students.
Help us keep the outside world up to date. We like to make a few posts on our website to talk about the experiences students are having. You should feel free to be creative in the topics.
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