Louisiana Retro Con Fall 2024 Artist Alley Application
PLEASE NOTE that this form DOES NOT GUARANTEE you a vendor space in Artist Alley at our September 2024 convention. We will look over your application to insure that what you are vending is compatible with our event, and get back to you as soon as possible. If you ARE A STANDARD PRODUCT VENDOR selling toys, video games, comic books etc, please close this form and fill out the correct form on www.LouisianaRetroConvention.com; this application is strictly for artists, crafters, and creators.

Convention Dates and Times: 

Saturday, September 14th 2024 - 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM CST

Sunday,  September 15th 2024 - 11 AM - 5 PM CST


Morgan City Municipal Auditorium
728 Myrtle St, Morgan City, LA 70380

LOAD IN TIME: You will be able to load in to the convention starting at 7:30 AM CST on the opening Saturday of showtime AFTER signing in at the Information Booth inside the front of the convention center. This will give everyone up to THREE HOURS to set up on the day of event. We recommend vendors with large inventory get here promptly to have adequate timing to set up. If you need to setup on the Friday, there is also the option to start loading in on Friday, September 13th from 12 PM - 4 PM.

LOAD OUT TIME: Nobody is to start tearing down their setup until the second day of the event ends at 5:00 PM CST. We ask that you have your equipment and any wares out of the facility within TWO HOURS of the event shutting down. We will have adequate volunteer staff to assist you should you need assistance with teardown.

Please fill out the form below to request a space.
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Please describe what arts/crafts/creations you will be selling at our event. Per our event theme, we HEAVILY SUGGEST creating at LEAST 50% of your inventory to be video game related. *
Please select a table or booth setup. 

Artist Alley table spaces include one 8 foot table, and two chairs; you will be able to use the spacing on your table and the seating room behind you (i.e. for a banner, backdrop, etc.)

10x10 Booths come with an 8 foot table, and also two chairs. If you would like to bring additional tables or other fixtures to fit into this spacing, you are more than welcomed to do so.
How many vendor passes will you need? Two passes are included with the purchase of your space. Any additional passes will have to be purchased upon arrival from the Information Booth. IF YOU PURCHASE MULTIPLE TABLES, you will receive up to TWO more passes per each additional table space as needed. *
What t-shirt size do you wear? *
Vendor Description:

PLEASE FILL THIS SPOT WITH ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR VENDOR SPACE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE USED IN OUR ADVERTISEMENTS. We will announce each and every vendor across our web platforms throughout the weeks approaching the convention date.

ONCE APPROVED, PLEASE EMAIL any photos of inventory or your logo if you would like it to be used in our advertisements. You can submit these to LouisianaRetroCon@gmail.com.
Will you be bringing your own tablecloth, or will you need one? The convention WILL provide disposable tablecloths to those that cannot afford one. *
Special Requests:

If you have anything you would like to try and request, such as being next to another specified vendor or having access to a wall outlet, please let us know. We CANNOT guarantee anything, but we'll try our best to meet accommodations.


Vendor registration is not complete until vendor application is approved, and the full payment for your space has been sent and received. We will email you when your application has been reviewed and approved with instructions on where to send booth payments. You will ONLY receieve an email if you've been approved.

Once you have been approved, it is a commitment to ATTEND the convention, and ALL VENDOR FEES are non-refundable. IF you should not be able to attend, PLEASE let us know FAR IN ADVANCE so that we can forfeit the space, and offer it to the next vendor on our waiting list (Please note that you will still NOT be refunded, as this is a commitment to attend the event).

Promoter and all event personnel are not liable nor responsible for any damages, loss, theft, or destruction of goods or exhibits.

1. All vendor fees must be paid in advance to guarantee your space. You must pay the full amount within a reasonable amount of time after the approval of your application to guarantee your spot reservation. 

2. Vendors are allowed ONE extra entry with the purchase of their space. Any additional passes will have to be purchased from the Information Booth on the day of convention. IF you purchase additional tables, you will be given another additional 2 passes per each.

3.Vendors are REQUIRED to provide adequate help to setup and tear down THEIR OWN spacing so that everything can be accomplished within a timely manner.

4. Vendors MUST NOT obstruct aisles where attendees walk. 

5. It is recommended that ALL vendors arrive at 7:30 AM CST (THREE HOURS prior to the event) on Saturday, September 14th, 2024 in order to set up your station. We will also have the option for early load-in on Friday, September 13th, 2024 from 12:00 PM CST - 4:00 PM CST. After signing in for your artist space at the INFO/TICKETS booth, we will have staff guiding vendors on where to go upon arrival. Load-in and load-out for artists will be in the front of the building.

6. All vendors and their assistants MUST SIGN IN upon arrival BEFORE LOADING IN to receive their passes and tax form packets. Vendor passes MUST BE WORN during the entirety of the event.

7. Vendors must provide some type of signage or displays identifying their table space. (The convention WILL PROVIDE TABLECLOTHS for any vendors that DO NOT have their own, but anyone is more than welcomed to bring their own should they choose to do so.)

8. Absolutely NO alcohol, smoking, or glass bottles of any sort will be allowed inside of the convention boundaries. This event is for all ages and we would like to keep everything clean and safe for all.

9. Vendor inventory and signage that include pornographic content, or aren't family-friendly will not be allowed for sale or promotional usage. If you have a question on what is appropriate, please contact our email at any time.

10. Vendors MUST KEEP THEIR AREA CLEAN AT ALL TIMES. All trash, food and drink products shall be placed in the proper receptacles located around the convention center. If you see a spill or other hazard, please let one of our volunteer staff members know, and a representative of the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium will clean it up promptly. PLEASE do not leave TIE WRAPS, CANDY, CONFETTI, OR ANY OTHER ITEM that may create a mess all over the floor; if it seems like something that shouldn't be allowed, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A MESS.

11. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK AN ENTRYWAY OR EXIT WITH YOUR DISPLAY. We cannot have any exits blocked should the event of an emergency occur.

12. Nailing, taping, tacking, etc. to ANY venue facility surface is strictly prohibited.

13. Vendors MUST have someone to occupy their booth at all times.

14. Vendors are required to report earnings to the state AND also the local St. Mary parish sales tax office. You MUST submit your earnings, or the parish will not allow us to have you at our future events. This is something out of the con's control.

15. Once the event ends on the second day (Sunday, September 15th 2024), vendors will have THREE HOURS to tear down their area. You will not be required to remove tables provided by the venue, but please remove any displays that are of your own in an adequate amount of timing. Anyone remaining beyond the timeframe will have to pay the extra cost of $45 per hour to keep the facility opened. Punctuality and cooperation will determine your eligibility to attend upcoming conventions under the Louisiana Retro Con branding, so please be respectful, follow the rules, and have fun representing your brand at our show!

By clicking the box below, you agree that you have fully read, and will comply to our terms and conditions.
PLEASE READ THIS PROMPT CAREFULLY. Due to recent events in the past with our events having vendors AND other companies trying to cause issues, we have a NON-COMPETE clause. This means that you are not to try and cause an interference with Louisiana Retro Con in any way, shape or form. This may include and not be limited to: 

-Stealing our intellectual properties or ideas.

-Secretly contacting the venue to claim future date(s) that we have for our conventions at the facility, and demanding the center give you those days.

-Claiming our event as someone else's creation/ownership.

Vending at our events is a privilege, and we have the right to remove anyone from the event for ANY reason that may have malicious or degrading intent towards the convention and it's partners. 

If you agree with this, please check the box below.
Please check the box below if you would like to be added to our notification list for future events.
My signature is agreement that once I am approved to vend, I understand payment is non-refundable, any my space is not guaranteed until a booth payment is fully submitted.

Please print your first and last name here as proof of signature.
By signing here with my electronic signature, I agree to all rules and requirements above listed.

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