DIF Project Charter - Contributor
DIF's Contributor participation format is specifically designed for Companies to join certain Working Groups, free of charge.

DIF's Steering Committee set forth that DIF Contributors can join the Secure Data Storage Working Group established as a join WG between W3C CCG and DIF making it possible for the community to streamline participation in the work.

To join DIF as a Contributor, a legal representative of the company should register using this form then finalize the personalized DocuSign sent to the registered email address.

To review DIF's project charter and Contributor participation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wTu7kbtPgwBii1MtjoR1-QYemaUlhcZl/view?usp=sharing

---To participate in the SDS WG---
To join the Secure Data Storage Working Group, Contributors will also have to join the Working Group by legally signing the Working Group Charter for Secure Data Storage, starting by filling out this link https://forms.gle/Hg65ADEd1n1uGM5f7 then finalizing the DocuSign sent automatically to the email.

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