Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Band And Instrumental Ensemble Classes Class Syllabus
Course Description:
This class is an instrumental ensemble performance class that is designed to further the student’s development as a musician. All students are expected to both attend and participate in all rehearsals/performances.

1. All students are expected to be on time and prepared for each class period. This includes having your instrument in good playing condition at all times.
2. All students are expected to be seated and ready to start 60 seconds after the director makes the announcement. Failure to comply will warrant a tardy.
3. When the director steps onto the podium, ALL talking stops.
4. Each student will be expected to make his/her best effort at all times. This will not only enhance their progress, but will enhance the progress of the ensemble as a whole.
5. Rehearsals/Performances are MANDATORY!!! (See band handbook for yearly calendar)
6. There will be no food or drink allowed in the band/orchestra room. Water will be allowed as long as the bottles aren’t left lying around the room.
7. In order for us to learn the most we can, students will be expected to remain quiet in rehearsals. This will allow us all to focus on the skills we are trying
to master.
8. Music is to be kept in the assigned folder only. These folders are to remain in the assigned location only. (Taking music home to practice and not bring it back for class will not be acceptable)
9. Students and parents MUST read/sign and adhere to the band handbook distributed in class the first week of school.

Grading Format:
There will be two 9-week grading periods in the semester. The student will receive a grade for each 9 week period and the final grade will be determined by averaging the two 9 week grades.

Participation (60%)- This includes being on time to class, having your instrument in good playing condition every day and contributing in a positive manner to the progress of the class as a whole. For every day the student is not prepared for class participation points will be deducted.

Playing test and homework (30%)- This will be given periodically and graded by the director.

Final Exam (10%)- At the end of the semester there will be a written exam covering various terms and definitions used during that semester.

Additionally - All rules, policies, and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook will be applied. This includes:
• Tardy Policy
• BYLD Teacher Permission
• Dress Code
• Sexual Harassment/Bullying

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