Wedding Form
This is a little questionnair that will really help me out to be an even better photographer for your awesome wedding day! Please reply to as many questions as possible, so that I will know the maximum amount about you two and your day.

If you don't know the answer just leave it empty or just write something fun :)

If you happen to know a link/website and/or Instagram account please do add it whenever it seems relevant. For example a link to your beautiful dress or wedding venue.

You don't need to answer in English you can answer in whatever language you find it to be the easiest. The questionnaire will take roughly 10-15min to fill, but will make all the difference on how effective I will be on your big day!

Important Info
This section has all the vital info for me to know where to go, what time, who to contact etc.
When is your wedding? (I know the answer, but this is how I link your answers to you) *
Where is the wedding ceremony? Please add the address. *
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Where is the wedding party taking place? Please add the address. *
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At what address is the bride and groom getting ready?
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Please add your and your partners numbers and/or bridesmaid/groom or whoever is the most likely person(s) to answer their phone on your wedding day. *
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What time should I show up and at what address? *
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Where will we take the wedding portraits and if we are having a first look please add this address separately.
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How would you describe your wedding?
How many guests will there be at the wedding? *
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