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Since our founding three years ago, The Makers Market and Workshops have been committed to helping local communities and non-profit organizations reach their goals through our gift certificate donation program. We are active in supporting medical and health-related causes, public schools, causes that support social awareness, and youth athletics. The Makers Market has established procedures and guidelines to assist you with your charitable donation request.

We will review all requests for charitable donations and respond within 2 weeks of receiving it. Due to the volume of requests received, it is important that all requests follow the guidelines set forth.

We ask that all donation requests be submitted to us by filling out the request form below.

In closing, we would like to thank you for helping our local communities grow through your charitable efforts.


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Thank you for thinking of us!
Thank you for thinking of us! Our goal for 2020 is to assist non-profit organizations related to health/medical issues, public schools, and youth athletics. If approved, you will be contacted.
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