Barony of Angels
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What is the Address of the location
Will the demo be held in a room, auditorium, or out doors? *
Will Tables and chairs be made available to us to use in the demo? And will the tables be in an area where children cannot easily reach them or the items placed on upon them?
Is the demonstration space accessible to the handicapped?
Between what times would you like us to run the Demo?
Will the Demo be one long Demo or several small ones, broken up into classes, or periods?
What is the age/grade level of the attendees/students attending this demonstration?
Will this demonstration be for a single group/class of students or multiple groups/classes?
Approximately how many attendees/students will be attending this demonstration?
Please list anything that we may not bring on to the campus (i.e. Tobacco products, cell phones, beepers, medications, etc.)
What is your Company/School’s policy on Historical Weapons? Will you allow Historical Weapons on campus for display only? Should presenters not wear personal blades or swords?
If your company/school district allows it, would you like to have a fighter’s component as part of your scheduled event? SCA fighters use either rattan sticks wrapped in duct tape or blunted (the tip is covered) fencing blades to approximate the live steel weapons used in history. The weapons used in combat are not “live steel “ weapons. If a fighting component will be part of your demonstration, Can you submit to our group a permission letter, stating that a fighting demonstration will be allowed on your campus, signed by either your manager, school’s Principal or a District officer prior to the demonstration taking place? (If this letter of consent is not provided, no fighters will perform, even if an “oral” agreement was reached prior to the demonstration.)
For the day of the Demo
Who will be our contact person
Where should we meet out contact
Where should we park our cars? Is Handicapped parking available
Is there any other information you feel is pertinent for us to know? Please include additional information below. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. It will help us present with a well-planned demonstration.
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