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Thank you for being here. The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is a nonprofit collaborative accelerator that seeks to foster inter-connections among healers, scientists, policymakers and other stakeholders to increase and foster healing world-wide, including individuals, communities, governments and the eco-systems in which we live.

CHI is in engaged in a project to collaboratively create research and systems change roadmaps in biofield science and healing. Biofield Science explores the view that molecules, cells, and organs of living systems communicate via fields of energy and information that serve as additional means of self-regulation to maintain health. Part of our research agenda involves scientific examination of holistic, biofield based healing practices.

We have created a survey for researchers who are conducting, or who are interested in conducting research in biofield science and healing. We aim to connect fellow researchers for collaborations, as well as connect researchers with healers and funders.

To further this aim, we would be grateful if you would answer the questions below. All information you provide will be kept confidential by our CHI Systems Mapping team. We will not share your data with others without your consent.
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