MN Service - Item Class Change
- The price to change class item is 50,000 Cabal Cash or 30 EUR (per item).
- The money will be accepted only if they are via PayPal.

- The class change is only for gear items: Helm, Armor, Gloves and Boots.
- After changing class of your choosen item, it will become automatically Character Bind.
- Items with FAIL amp WONT be changed! Fail amp for example is: WA Helm with MSA in slot.
Source User Details:
Account ID: *
Email Address: *
Sub-Password: *
Character Name: (Item Holder) *
Current Item Info ( Class - Item Name - Options ) *
The item class to be changed into: *
Payment Method: *
After finish the procedure, please contact to Discord Name: DWBaHu0#9805 *
Time Period:
The process with changing class of the item might take up to 24 hours.
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