Welcome to UNPACK MY PBL, which allows you to "unpack" your Deeper Learning experiences and provide others the ability to search based on their selected attributes. Use this tool to: (1) Plan robust Deeper Learning experiences, including PBLs, Units, Lessons, and PBAs; (2) Manage projects throughout execution; (3) Unpack and Reflect; (4) Share your contributions with a professional learning network; and (5) Showcase significant work of students. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive Deeper Learning collection available.

Please describe your project from beginning to end, using overview and narrative boxes. Make use of unlimited characters! The goal is to describe your project in enough detail that another teacher can repeat it. You can save your unpacking work and return to complete it later. Just edit through the email you will receive after clicking "submit" at the end of the tool which contains eight pages / sections. PBL Lounge will post your project once you have indicated in the final questions that the form is complete and designated the final submittal date.

IMPORTANT: Please send photos of all stages of your students' work, rubrics, assessments, project materials, sample student work and other supporting materials to admin@pbllounge.org. Feel free to contact us with questions / suggestions.

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