Open PHACTS API Questionnaire Sept 2015
We are conducting this survey to better understand how our users interact with our API and also capture your ideas for the future.

We are also about to release API 2.0 in Oct and plan to add new API calls and also new data.

Thanks for your help on this.

What version of Open PHACTS API are you mainly using?
You can check the version in the URL name
If you were using an older API: Did you upgrade to 1.5?
If you are still using an older API: What has made you continue with current version?
Any comments on the upgrade process?
What worked well, what did not?
Your answer
How are using the Open PHACTS API in your applications or workflow?
Please tell us in a few sentences how you currently use the API.
Your answer
How would you like to be involved in future API version developments?
Your answer
Other comments on the API?
Please enter any other thoughts here. If you have specific API questions please use the support portal
Your answer
Do you use Open PHACTS through a Workflow tool e.g. Pipeline Pilot or Knime?
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