Affordable Course Materials Initiative Application Form 2019 - 2020
Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received and may involve a preliminary interview before a decision is rendered. Please consult the ACMI webpage,, before completing an application. Please send questions to
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Applicant Information
If there are multiple instructors involved with the course, list names, titles, and contact information for each.
Position title/rank
Email address
Telephone number
Course Information
Course number and title
Department offering course
Quarter during which course will be offered
Number of students expected to enroll
List textbooks/instructional materials currently used for the course. You may estimate total cost, if known.
Planning Questions
Do you already have some thoughts on what you plan to do, such as identifying resources to replace current texts used in the course, changing students’ access method to course materials to lower costs, or creating new materials? If so, please list them.
Have you identified specific needs in terms of resources or services from the Library? Possibilities include but are not limited to subject specialists to help you identify individual resources, digitization, course reserves, and new purchases/licenses. If so, please list them.
What challenges do you anticipate in identifying suitable course materials, teaching with them, or students using them?
What are your intended outcomes for your students’ learning? For students’ savings on course materials?
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