Colorado Gay Games Ambassadors Program Application
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Welcome to Team Colorado's Gay Games Ambassadors Program for the Paris 2018 Gay Games. These Ambassadors will represent the best of Colorado at the Gay Games, and will return afterward to help promote inclusion within sport in their local communities. Selected Ambassadors will receive up to $1000 to help cover some of their travel and competition expenses for the Paris 2018 Gay Games. We ask that all Ambassadors attend Team Colorado events in Paris, and continue to play an active role in the community after they return.

The three primary goals of our Ambassadors Program are to:
1) Identify those who will represent the best of Colorado at Paris 2018 Gay Games
2) Broaden participation at GGX by Coloradans by including those who would otherwise struggle to attend
3) Recognize Coloradans who have made significant contributions to the LGBTQ Community

Applications will be evaluated based on these three goals. The initial deadline to apply was March 15th, but we will continue to evaluate applications on a rolling basis, with preference given to those who applied before the deadline.

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