NSYMCA Walker Permission Form
Dear Parents/Guardians,

To ensure the safety of our campers, it is required that any camper walking home have a signed permission slip on file. Only campers ages 10 and up, with an approved permission slip will be dismissed to walk home alone. Once submitted, staff will review the form and notify the parent of the status of approval. Campers who are 10 years old and up with siblings in the program, may be approved to walk home as a group, at the discretion of NSYMCA staff and with parents/guardian permission, taking into consideration the walking distance and potential safety hazards. Campers who are walkers will be released at the dismissal time (12:00 pm for half day campers, 4:00pm for full day campers) and walk directly home. Please review this with your child. It is strongly encouraged that your child’s arrival time be tracked for consistency and the proper notifications take place for any inconsistencies in your child’s arrival home each day after camp.

Please keep in mind that even as a “walker”, parents/guardians are expected to provide emergency contacts and alternative transportation in the event of an emergency, or in a situation where it is deemed necessary that your child is picked up directly from NSYMCA. If an emergency or alternative situation does take place that requires your child to be picked up, the local Police Department may be contacted to resume care of any camper who has not been picked up by 6:00PM, or otherwise stated time.

As a safety precaution, no child will be released from NSYMCA to walk home in the dark, or in unsafe conditions as determined by NSYMCA staff. Additionally, all members MUST have this signed form on-file to be released as a walker.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Camp Director.

North Suburban YMCA
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Additional Requests or Permissions?
If you have additional children that you would like to allow to walk home with an older sibling or have your camper sign themselves out and transfer to another class after camp, please indicate details below.
By signing (typing) my full name below, I understand the policies and expectations that have been set for my child to be released from the North Suburban YMCA Camp program as a walker. I understand and accept the information that has been presented in the above portion of this form . *
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