Founder's Award – Student Chapter Nomination Form
To recognize ASEM student chapter excellence.
All active ASEM student chapters are eligible. Each of nine criterion are rated on a score from 1 to 10 with 10 being highest. The number shown in parenthesis provides the weighting of this criterion.

a) Quality of Submission (25%) – Nomination packets should be prepared by the student chapter leaders such that the packet are complete, comprehensive, easy to read and interpret, interesting, and visually aesthetic. It is a good idea to include photos documenting student chapter activities.

b) Active Student Participation (25%) – Provide documentation to describe active student participation in the chapter to include things such as the number of student members, attendance at meetings, training sessions and field trips, etc. Describe the student chapter leadership and list chapter officers.

c) ASEM International Annual Conference Participation (10%) – Identify the number of students attending the annual conference or other regional conferences. Describe the number of papers presented, participation in student competitions and nominations for the ASEM Ph.D. dissertation award.

d) Engineering Management Projects (10%) – Describe any engineering management projects completed as part of the student chapter such as participation in a student simulation or facility layout competition.

e) Community Projects (10%) – Describe any community projects completed as part of the student chapter that supports the community such as providing an engineering management solution to assist a women’s shelter or to assist with developing a bus schedule for a school district.

f) Faculty Involvement (5%) – Describe the number and extent of involvement of the student chapter faculty advisor as well as other faculty within the department to ASEM.

g) Support for the Engineering Management Profession (5%) – Document how the student chapter supports the engineering management profession such as assistance with recruiting students into the engineering management program of study.

h) EM Practice (10%) - Contributions to engineering management practice (number of conference papers, number of journal articles).

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Nomination Packet
In addition to this nomination form, this award requires a nomination packet to be sent to using the subject line ASEM AWARD: Founder's Award - Student Chapter.

Nomination packet must be emailed by June 30.

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