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Please take a few moments to suggest any questions that you may have when buying or using your hearing aid. If you don’t have a hearing aid, suggest any concerns that you have heard others who use an aid have. Dr. Peterson will discuss any topic about hearing aids and hearing loss with us.

You can select the questions to be asked from the list or use the area at the bottom to add you own question.

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Selection of hearing aids: What are the considerations that an audiologist includes in making a final decision regarding type of hearing aid for a person?
My friend has a different brand hearing aid than I have; He hears a lot better than I do with his aids. Are some brands better than others?
What do I do if a new hearing aid still does not help me understand conversations?
How often should one return to see an audiologist after purchasing a hearing aid? What services can be expected? What should I do if I’m not getting effective results with my hearing aid?
Care of hearing aids; What are ways to increase length of time a hearing aid is usable? In other words, do hearing aids “wear out”?
Are over-the-counter hearing aids good products?
Not all hearing specialists or audiologists activate T-Coil on hearing aids. What’s with that?
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