Things Took a Turn: At the End of the World
THINGS TOOK A TURN  is an animation anthology that challenges creators of marginalized genders (including women, nonbinary artists, and trans men) to push story boundaries by flipping familiar narratives. This year the theme is AT THE END OF THE WORLD. This will be about endings, but what is an ending if not another beginning?


- Pick a known story or trope and find a new way to change or interpret it into a short animation. This can mean keeping tropes as loose threads of your story or reinterpreting a pre-existing piece, but there MUST be a noticeable change at some point. You may also write something original!

- Creators should identify as female, trans, non-binary, or genderqueer – let's see all the great work you animators and designers have to offer!

- Final submissions must be between 5 seconds and 3 minutes long. Go crazy.

- All experience levels welcome.

- Collaborations are welcome if you lean more towards design or towards animation, but also this could be a cool opportunity to challenge yourself to do something outside your comfort zone!

- One entry per person/team

- English subtitles on works that feature voiceover are encouraged.

- Final deliverables include:

     1. Final work: must be a 1920x1080 MOV or MP4 at 24 fps, and try to keep the file size under 200MB.

     2. 1-3 PNG frames from your submission for promo purposes. 150dpi

     3. A link to your portfolio and social media handles so that we can link to your stuff!

-DEADLINE for submission will be FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1ST, 2023! Submit final deliverables to

-Try to make things your own! Steer clear of copyrighted art material, especially anything that might upset the Mouse. Think of this as an opportunity to showcase your style!

- Please don't post your work publicly until after the anthology launches. We want it to be a surprise! (However, work in progress teaser shots are encouraged. Please tag @thngstookaturn or #thingstookaturn if you post WIP)

At the end, collected submissions will be curated into one long video! You can see last year's anthology here:

This form is just so I have your information and can reach out to you regarding any updates regarding the anthology as it progresses– feel free to reach out at any time if you would like to change any of your information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to
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