The Cubs Escape Room
Welcome to the 2nd Wellington Scout Group's Escape Room

Throughout the following activity, you will find many codes. These will not necessarily be in the right order. Each code will only be used once, so once you have used it you can ignore it.

Tips :

1) A Pen and paper will be handy to note down the information available and the codes once you solve them.
2) You may need to use the back button to find information from earlier, therefore you may find it helpful to open this in 2 tabs, then you can have one on the puzzle you are solving and more around to find the information in others.

You have been locked in the Scout Hall, with some of your friends. You know there are keys kept inside but you do not know where. There are many locks, passwords and information to learn, as well as skills to put into practice, can you find the keys, codes and answers to help you escape?

Take a wander round and see what else there is to do in the Scout Hut
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