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What is the birthdate of Martin Luther and where was he born? *
When Martin’s father, Hans Luther, sent him to University, what was Luther studying to become?
Why did Luther join the Augustinian Monastery?
Who was Martin’s Confessor and Mentor?
Luther teaches at the University of Wittenberg under the Elector of Saxony, Frederick the Wise, and later at the University of Erfurt where he begins to draw the attention of other monks and church leaders. Why do you think that is?
When Luther celebrated his first Mass, who was the surprise guest? How did Luther do?
Luther is sent to Rome to broaden his understanding of the church; it took several months for him to arrive. What did Luther see in Rome and how might it have shaped his thinking about faith and the church?
John Staupitz sent Luther back to teach at the University of Wittenberg where he publicly preached at the Castle Church. It became the most well-known university in all Germany.
When a young boy committed suicide, what actions did Martin Luther take? What did he say at the graveside?
What are in “indulgences”?
Why do you think Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church? What were they all about?
A Papal Bull was issued against Luther – what did that mean?
Luther was given 60 days to recant (take back what he had written and preached as being heresy) before a trial at the Diet of Worms. What famous thing did Luther say to his accusers?
Luther was kidnapped on the way back from the Diet of Worms where he worked in hiding and continued his writing and translating of Scripture. What was the name he used during that time?
The whole world was in upheaval, the poor were empowered by Luther’s writings and a war broke out. What was the name of the war?
Some Reformation supporters were far more radical than Luther. What did they do?
Finally Luther came out of hiding, why did he risk that?
A group of women were smuggled in barrels to escape the violence happening all over Germany because they supported Luther. Who were they? One of them became Luther’s wife; what was her name and why was their marriage so unusual?
Luther, Phillip Melanchthon and other reformers worked hard on a document to prove that they were not heretics and that their teachings were legitimate. What was that document called? What year was it written and presented?
To whom did Luther present his German translation of the New Testament? Why was that dangerous?
Luther continued writing, preaching, and teaching at Castle Church. Where was Luther buried?
Why is Luther and the Reformation important to our faith and life?
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