Application for Partial Fee Waiver on Registration for the 8th APBC
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Have you previously received a waiver to attend any of the Asia Pro Bono Conferences? *
If yes, please explain how attending the Conference impacted your work, and how you continued to strengthen the Pro Bono Movement after the Conference.
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Participants received waivers are required to volunteer at the Conference. Please select role you prefer. You will be contacted close to the time of the Conference with more details of your volunteer role. *
The Conference is run on a revenue neutral basis meaning, we use any surplus to subsidize the attendance of regional "Pro Bono Champions" who could not otherwise afford to attend. Most of the persons working to organize this convening do so in a pro bono capacity, and the Consortium work very hard to, at a minimum, cover the out of pocket expenses for persons attending. Most persons coming work to source their own support to attend, which makes this event “belong to all” and supported by all.

The Conference therefore require participants who receive partial fee waivers to volunteer at the conference. However, those that volunteer during the conference will still be able to attend Conference sessions and fully participate in all activities. Volunteers roles will be incredibly valuable but not full time.

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