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Please take a few minutes of your time to complete and submit this survey. Your responses will be recorded as anonymous, so please be as honest as possible! The results received from this survey will help indicate Southeastern Food Bank's areas of development, as well as provide a benchmark for the measurement of positive growth. It is our hope that this survey, ultimately, will enable us to refine our relationships with our volunteers, donors, and business partners. Thank you for your time in completing this survey, and of course, for your shared concern for the spiritually and physically hungry!
What county do you live in? *
What is your affiliation with Southeastern Food Bank? Please check all that apply. *
How would you rate the overall quality of our engagement with you (think social media/networking, mailings, personally, live events, etc.)? *
How would you rate our overall effectiveness in educating and equipping you in order to increase social awareness and promote individual responsibility? *
How well do we encourage your participation by way of offering volunteer opportunities? *
How could we improve in our effectiveness of educating, equipping, and involving you and other concerned members of the community (think of means as well as content)? *
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What is your preferred medium for staying connected with Southeastern Food Bank? *
What do you want from an organization that you invest your time, money, and efforts in? Put another way, how can Southeastern Food Bank steward, encourage, resonate with, and serve you well? *
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From your perspective, how would you rate the progress of our mission?: "Feeding the hungry and caring for those in need by sharing life's necessities and a message of hope." *
On a month to month basis, how often do we report meaningful activity about the progress of our mission? *
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Thinking in terms of realistic and measurable outcomes, what does success look like when considering the impact you hope to have through Southeastern Food Bank? *
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How realistic is it that you would share with an acquaintance, friend, or family member about Southeastern Food Bank's mission? *
Do you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns about how Southeastern Food Bank can make improvements?
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