"Engage Them All!" On-line Survey
Dear Friend,

Firstly, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alexander. I come from Moldova, where I am leading MEGA (www.megageneration.com), a social entrepreneurial organization focused on environment protection and sustainable development. Nowadays, I am as a research fellow of the Prague Civil Society Centre (www.praguecivilsociety.org).

Currently my team and I are conducting the research project entitled "Engage Them All! Community Engagement into Nature Conservation via IT Tools". Our aim is to document and share different methods and best practices of how environmental organizations and green startups use modern information technology (IT) and on-line tools for civil society engagement, youth empowerment, and collaborative activism in the area of nature conservation and sustainable development.

By completing our survey, you will be able to share your knowledge and experience in applying IT tools for engaging people into your projects and initiatives. This will help environmental organizations and green startups worldwide to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their community initiatives, environmental projects, and social campaigns. At the same time, you will also receive inputs and best case practices from other organizations and startups that you will be able to apply in practice.

We will publish our research findings with a database of best practices in using IT tools for civil society engagement into nature conservation. The publication and the database will be available for you and interested individuals and organizations.

It should take you approximately 15 - 30 min. to complete the survey, depending on how much information you are willing to share with us. If you like, we can specifically indicate your name, the name of your organization, and your contact information, so that other people and organizations could contact you for more details. Otherwise, we can protect your response and make it anonymous, if required.

As a reward for your valuable contribution to the research, your name will be entered into a lottery for two $30 Amazon Gift Vouchers. If you are one of the lucky winners of these gratitude prizes, you will receive notification about it and the voucher via e-mail.

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