Firstly, Congratulations in reaching out!

This is the first step to taking back control of your life!

Working with me,  will help you :

1. Overcome your self-imposed limitations
2. Clear and heal emotional traumas of the past
3. Reunite with the wisdom of your body and establish a direct communication path with your intuition
4. Experience more freedom in living authentically
5. Have more clarity and direction that is aligned with your purpose

So that you can:

- be more confident and  feel fully empowered,
- experience a new level of self love and security,
- live with intention and in alignment
- experience fulfillment in your day-to-day living and
- reach the next level or happiness that you deserve
- Double, triple or even 10x your income!
- never second guess your decisions again
- have better, more fulfilling and satisfying over-all relationships (with your family, friends, and partner), starting with your relationship with yourself

To make sure I can help you best, and make the most of our time on the call, please answer the questions below honestly, fully and  in as much detail as you can.

Please note:

If you are not interested to have  rapid growth, not ready to heal yourself, or fearful of a powerful transformation and embodying your potential and, working with me might not be for you.

This journey requires commitment and trust in the process as bringing up some of your fears is a common occurrence that is part of the process, so this is NOT FOR QUITTERS or those who feel like they are  victims of their circumstances.

Working with me will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and if you are comfortable with where you are at right now...

so if you're not ready to step into the next level you and to call in all these amazing transformation, skip this questionnaire and let me know (via message/email) that you don't want to proceed with the call, and I would understand.

I value my time, and care about you valuing yours!


Please make sure you are in a quiet place with steady internet connection when you jump in the call.


There will be a booking link to schedule a call after submitting this form. Don't miss it!

Talk to you soon!

Much love,

Sarah x
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