Open Streets Survey
This summer, Transportation Alternatives seeks volunteers to help gather data about the state of Open Streets.

Answer the following questions about your time at an Open Street. You can fill out this form as many times as you want for the same Open Street, and for as many Open Streets as you'd like — but please log no more than one entry a day per Open Street.

Responses will be collated before being made public, and will be totally anonymous.
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Which Open Street are you reporting from? *
In the first five minutes you were there, approximately how many cars drove down the Open Street? *
In the first five minutes you were there, approximately how many people did you observe using the Open Street? (In the street / Not on the sidewalk.) *
What activities were people doing? (Check all that apply.) *
Was the Open Street protected by barricades? *
If the barricades were up, how were they staged? *
And finally, how inviting did the Open Street feel to you? *
Very uninviting
Very inviting
Optional: Tell us more about your experience. What did you see? How did it feel? (You may be anonymously quoted in our report.)
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