Diversity & Inclusion Focus Groups (time commitment: 45 minutes)
Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) focus groups offer an opportunity to gather valuable information on the issues and challenges facing diversity and inclusion in an organization. Insights gathered from a sample of parents, staff, and students can inform D&I priorities. Focus groups complement the Assessment of Multiculturalism, Inclusion, and Diversity (AMID) survey, providing additional information that cannot be acquired from quantitative analysis alone. For diversity dimensions that are not readily tracked by an organization, due to historical or legal reasons, focus groups are a key tool for gathering information on the challenges facing members of those groups.

Single Story Inc.’s culturally sensitive facilitators hope to foster an environment where all parties feel safe to contribute candidly and where all parties display respect for each other’s viewpoints and experiences. When Single Story Inc., opens D&I focus groups, we want participants to understand their role requires 3C’s; contribution, confidentiality, and candor.

Single Story Inc.’s role as facilitators, is to gather information regarding participants’ experience with respect to inclusion. The targeted areas will be:
Members of the community feeling respected
Members of the community experiencing a sense of belonging
Members of the community being empowered to contribute to the organization’s processes
Members having a fair chance of progressing in the community (particularly students- academically and staff- professionally)
Next steps for driving the school's strategic plan

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