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Pomme d’Api is a parent-run school.

Parent participation is essential to keep tuition fees low and school equipment well-maintained. By participating, you also get to know other families and the teachers better.

By enrolling your child in the preschool you agree to participate in two ways:

1. Volunteer work (about 3 to 4 hours per month). You will be asked to report your hours monthly.

2. Fundraising. Each family is expected to contribute during our annual fundraisers (major fundraiser likely to occur around the Christmas Concert).

There are some volunteer roles with predictable work throughout the year. Other opportunities will come up over the course of the year, and will be announced via email.

The volunteer Board positions are officially elected at the General Parent Meeting in September. All other positions will be filled early in the school year.

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Non-Participation Policy
Volunteer hours are tallied monthly by the class representatives for each class and reported to the Parent Participation Director. If families meet the low end of the volunteer requirement of 3 hours per month, they should have contributed 30 hours of volunteer time by the end of the school year.

It is not expected that every family contribute 3 to 4 hours per month every month, rather, that by the end of the year their total volunteer contribution is between 30 to 40 hours. It is understood by the Board that some volunteer positions will require significant effort and hours in concentrated periods of time (e.g. Christmas Concert volunteers, Open House Committee volunteers).

All families are to provide a deposit cheque of $300 (dated July 1st of the following year) with their emergency contact package during the first week of school. This cheque will be destroyed if the family meets a minimum requirement of 25 hours of volunteer time for the entire school year. The cheque will be cashed if the minimum requirement of 25 hours is not met by June 30th of the school year.

Any family who has less than a total of 15 hours of volunteer time by December 31st will receive an email notification during the first week of January of the school year. This notification will ask the family to please report any outstanding hours for volunteer work that may have occurred but not been noted by the class representative and remind the family of the volunteer policy & requirements, and ask to please make efforts to volunteer in the coming months. Any family who has less than a total of 20 hours by April 1st of the school year will receive a warning that their deposit will be lost if they do not volunteer the number of hours required to reach 25 hours by the end of the school year1. The Board will review the list of families with outstanding volunteer requirements at the June board meeting, and cheques will be cashed the first business day following July 1st for those families that did not meet the requirement.

Board Positions
Board Positions (by election): The Board meets once per month. A Board position generally involves enough volunteer hours that no additional volunteer role is necessary.

President (preferably bilingual) – oversees all activities of school and its committees, chairs monthly board meetings and all General meetings, and, together with the Board, hires employees. Supports health and safety volunteers and photocopiers.

Vice-President (preferably bilingual) – responsible for insurance, maintenance and physical space of school. Liaises between Board and teachers and between Board and church contacts. Oversees all personnel matters.

Treasurer – Reports regularly to the Board on financial matters. Responsible for overseeing tuition, government filings, and overseeing work done by paid accountant; Oversees banking activities and coordinates activities associated with regular expenses; Supervises grant-writing committee and files reports related to any grants received.

Secretary –Takes minutes at Board meetings that occur once a month; minutes are translated into French and English and need to be sent to Technology Coordinator to be put in Dropbox. Receives monthly calendar of events from translators in French and English and ensures that they are distributed to parents by email. Email any school announcements including days off, closures, or cancelled classes. Must be present at drop off or pick up at least once a week so that the teachers may pass on any urgent messages to the board between board meetings; The Secretary then passes these messages onto the appropriate parent volunteer or board member.

Parent Participation Director – ensures that all parents participate and all tasks are completed, establishes and liaises with working committees, writes monthly ‘Devoirs’ newsletter, tracks parent volunteer hours (with the help of an assistant), assigns parents to volunteer roles at the start of the school year & reshuffles volunteer roles when families leave or join the school, finds volunteers for urgent tasks, prepares parent participation contracts, assists with finding volunteers for events throughout the year, keeps parent volunteer spreadsheet up to date. Must have access to Microsoft Word & Excel.

Director of Fundraising – develops and enacts measures to raise money to help fund school activities; organizes our year’s fundraising events including a major fundraiser in December.

Registrar – maintains a database of current students and future students; informs class reps, secretary, parent participation director and webmaster of new and departing students; responds to registration and enrolment inquiries from potential registrants and current families; collects tuition and fees; reports enrolment numbers on an ongoing basis to the Board and the Ministry.

Director of Publicity – maintains and improves Pomme d’Api’s profile in the community through advertising and social media; oversees our Spring Open House.

Maintenance Director – responsible for overseeing and working with the Maintenance Committee, the Health and Safety Committee and the Playground and Sidewalk Maintenance Committee to keep all school equipment and grounds clean and in good condition. The Maintenance Director may take a lead on repair or maintenance jobs in the school or on the playground, with the help of the aforementioned committees and/or other volunteers.

Francophone Liaison – communicates with external Francophone community resources and parents and assists with French translation when needed. Support field trip volunteers.

Technology Director – Oversees the maintenance and improvement of technological aspects of running the preschool. The Technology Director should be computer savvy as should members of the Technology Directors committee.

Other Roles

Class Representatives (1 per class, reports to President and Parent Participation Director) – Liaison between class and Board, ensures communication between teachers and families (via email, phone, cubbies, etc.). Tracks the monthly participation of each family in their class and assists the Parent Participation Director in linking tasks to parents. In September, creates baby & family photo collages and directs and works with event planner for welcome potluck for the class. Manages the purchase of class photos (late fall). Creates an emergency text/call contact list, and must have access to a phone that can send texts. In December collects money from parents and organizes with purchaser the purchase of a class gift for teachers. In February, organizes with purchaser croissants and chocolate milk for PJ day. May be asked to communicate and raise awareness of fundraising events to families. Must be consistently available at drop-off and pick-up at least one day per week. Must have access to Microsoft Excel to input volunteer hours into spreadsheet.

Classroom Cleaners (8 including one Coordinator, reports to Vice President) – Works in teams to clean the classroom and bathroom, a task which takes about 2 hours and is done twice per week (by different people). Must be available either Tuesday afternoons-evenings or Fridays at 3:30 pm. Babies and children OK to bring along.

Classroom Cleaner (After School Help) – Stay for approximately 20 minutes after class to help tidy classroom to include, sweep floors, wipe down sink, clean and sanitize chairs and tables, clean and sanitize bathroom.

Documents & Web Content Committee (2-3 members, reports to President & Technology Director) – Works with the Board to update the Parent Handbook, School Operations Manual and website content including editing/updating existing content, writing new content, getting new or updated content reviewed as-needed, and getting content translated.

Event Planners (3 members with one from each class, reports to Class Representative) – Organizes welcome potluck for respective class in September, plans and organizes all aspects of class parties. Plans and organizes all aspects of field trips and in-class activities, including field trip forms and collection of money.

Grant Writing Committee (1 lead, 2 members, reports to Treasurer) – Responsible for applying for the various grants Pomme d’Api needs to receive every year; seeks out additional grant opportunities.

Health & Safety Committee (6, including one coordinator, reports to Maintenance Director) – Promotes safety and cleanliness in classroom by coordinating regular repair of toys, etc., assists with notifying/educating families about other health and safety issues that may arise. End of year cleaning of toys.

Maintenance Committee (4, including one coordinator, reports to Maintenance Director) – Repairs school equipment and furnishings as needed, assists with other building and maintenance projects. 

Office Printer Coordinator (1, reports to Technology Director) – Responsible for refilling ink in the school office printers. This role involves either driving to stores to buy new cartridges when necessary or buying online, going into the office periodically to check the ink supply, making sure the office always has some extra ink handy, replacing or refilling the cartridges when they are empty and doing the re-alignment procedure as per the printer's instructions.

Open House Coordinator (1, reports to Director of Publicity) – Works with Director of Publicity to organize and advertise the annual Open House. Most of the work is done from December to February.

Open House Committee (4, reports to Director of Publicity) – Assists the Open House Coordinator in all activities regarding the Open House such as distributing advertising, obtaining donations, preparing games, cleaning up before/after, etc.

Parent Participation Assistant (1, reports to Parent Participation Director) – The Parent Participation Assistant is responsible for tracking each family’s volunteer hours throughout the school year, contacting families with low hours to let them know and/or help find them volunteer opportunities, and updating the Parent Participation Director on the status of families with low hours. The Parent Participation Assistant also assists with additional tasks as-needed and as-available.

Photocopying Representatives (2, reports to President) – Able to make free photocopies for the teachers and the Board. This work is continuous throughout the school year. Photocopiers should connect with teachers in early September to arrange a system.

Photographer (1 per class, reports to Director of Publicity) – Takes photos in class for special events and throughout the year. Photos will be shared with the parents (photographer, webmaster and PP director will determine how best to do this) and may be used on our website (with consent). Must have a digital camera and be present at parties, special events, and “fun days”.

Playground and Sidewalk Maintenance Committee (4, including one coordinator, reports to Maintenance Director) – Empties garbage, rakes leaves, cleans out sandbox as needed. Also clears snow from school entrance and lays down salt, if necessary, to make pathway to school safe for teachers and families.

President's Assistant (1, reports to President) - Assists the President with keeping track of keys and playground maintenance, ensuring emergency contact list is current and supplies are stocked, and ensures emergency drills are carried out by the health and safety committee. Ideally, should be a parent from the 2-day French Immersion or 3-day Francophone class to assist with transition for the following year's president.

Publicity and Advertising Committee (2, reports to Director of Publicity) – Assists Director of Publicity in maintaining and raising Pomme d’Api’s profile in the community, including putting up posters, as required.

Purchaser (1, and 1 backup, reports to Treasurer) – Purchases supplies as requested by the teachers, cleaning staff, and Board. Must have a car and be able to run errands during the week throughout the year. Purchaser should meet with teachers in early September to discuss plans.

Recycling (1, reports to Vice President) – Removes the recycling accumulated in the classroom and brings it to a recycling facility. Must have a suitable vehicle and be available at pick-up time at least one day a week.

Registrar’s Assistant (1, reports to Registrar) – assists Registrar in various duties, including in responding to inquiries from potential registrants and in collection of tuition and fees.

Scholastic Coordinator (1, reports to Parent Participation Director) – Coordinates scholastic book club orders for the school.

Teacher’s Assistant (2, including one emergency back-up) — assists the teachers in readying children from the 2-Day Immersion Class to go outside to meet their caregivers at pick-up time. This includes helping the children get in their shoes and jackets and have their belongings with them. The Teacher’s Assistant must be a parent from the 2-Day Immersion Class and must be available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.30-11.45am.

Technology Committee (3, including one coordinator, reports to Technology Director) – Maintains and improves the technological aspects of running the preschool. This includes maintaining and updating the website (backend and frontend), assisting photographers with sharing digital photos, managing the school’s various automated email lists, provided technical support to the teachers, upgrading/fixing/purchasing of computers/printers/networking/phone systems, and providing technical assistance and advice to other parents for preschool related activities. This requires some work done at home (i.e. website) as well as work done in the office (on-site tech support). The work is continuous throughout the year. Should be computer savvy.

Translator (2, reports to Francophone Liaison) – Assists Board members, teachers, and committee members with translating parent handouts, minutes, ‘Devoirs’, emails, etc. (mostly from English to French). This work can be done electronically from home, usually requires quick turnaround (within 1-3 days), and is continuous throughout the year.

Treasurer’s Assistant (1, reports to Treasurer) – Responsible for recording cheques for monthly tuition and creating tax receipts by tracking monthly tuition; Liaises with registrar regarding tracking of cheques received, issuing refunds, and deposits (e.g. registration fees, parent meeting cheques, tuition fees, and any other deposits)

Parent Participation
I understand that Pomme d’Api is a parent-run preschool and I commit to participate and provide assistance as needed. I understand that my family will volunteer an average of 3 to 4 hours per month, and that I am to report my volunteer hours to the Parent Participation Rep for my class. I understand that if my family does not meet a minimum requirement of 25 volunteer hours by June 30th of the school year my $300 volunteer deposit will be cashed. I also understand that my family is expected to participate in the annual school fundraiser(s).

My interests are indicated below. I understand Board positions will be elected, and other positions will be filled by the Parent Participation Director.

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