Participant Registration form for XR Global Hunger Strike
Welcome Hunger Strikers, it is incredibly inspiring to see that more than 300 people from 26 countries have signed up to take part in the XR Global Hunger Strike starting Monday!

This will be the first mass international hunger strike for the climate in history. It will lead up to potential mass hunger strikes in the Spring Rebellion and beyond.

Hunger Strikers will sit outside government buildings or iconic landmarks Greta-style, with a sign saying that you are on hunger strike with XR, your country, and which day of the strike you are on.

We ask that you have someone take photos of you sitting with your sign each day and upload them to the Google folder in the welcome link below. The XR global media and messaging team will share your photos with the press and on social media. The result will be a striking collage of climate hunger strikers from around the world.

Please read the full action details here:

For more information email us at:

Medical professional approval is required for participants for health and safety reasons. Name, age, and country of Hunger Strikers will be made available to the public through a Universal Declaration and all forms of media through completion.

Conditions apply:
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