2020-2021 Oak Prairie Band Registration
Please complete (with a parent) only after you have received your student's SCHEDULE and read the BAND HANDBOOK for the 2020-2021 School Year.
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2020-2021 Band Handbook
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This is a specific number that is found on your instrument (usually on the back of woodwinds and on the valve casing of brass instruments). We collect this information so that if your instrument is lost or stolen, we can help you track it down.
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Despite the fact that we are starting with Remote Learning for all students, please select which option you have chosen for your student in the event that we shift back to our AB Hybrid/Remote Learning scenarios.
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I/We read the 2020-2021 Band Handbook and understand the policies and requirements set forth in the D92 Band Handbook. I/We have added performance dates and times to our home calendar to minimize potential conflicts. By writing my name in the box below, in lieu of a signature, all the information provided is accurate to my knowledge. *
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