WAF2020 Conference Registration
Event Timing: November 19th-20th, 2020
Event Address: online conference
Contact us at: waf2020@depeca.uah.es
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For every accepted paper, at least one registration fee must be paid, in any other case the paper will not be included in the Conference Program neither in the Proceedings. Currently the only way to register is by wire transfer. Registration is provided by Universidad Universidad de Alcalá, CIF Q2818018J, Pza. San Diego s/n, 28801 Alcalá de Heneres, Madrid, Spain. The fees for early registration (until November 1st, 2020) will be 100€, normal registration (until November 18th, 2020) will be 125€. The on-site registration will be 275€.

To register for the WAF2020 congress you must follow these instructions:

1. Enter your contact information and paper's number (in its case) and billing information using the following form.
2. In a few days you will receive the registration invoice and the account number where to make the wire transfer. The costs of the transfer will be at your expense.
3. In the concept of the transfer you must put "WAF2020 registration - Invoice Number #", indicating the invoice number (example "WAF2020 registration - Invoice Number 2020/133").
4. Save the confirmation of the transfer and send it by mail to the address: waf2020@depeca.uah.es
5. Register confirmation will be effective ONLY after transfer confirmation reception.

If after a few days you have not received the invoice, contact us by email: waf2020@depeca.uah.es
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