FX Artist
We are currently looking for FX Artists to join our growing team, working locally or remotely. If you have the skills and passion about 2D/3D visuals and digital image, you are welcome to apply to work with us!
Job details:
Must Have:
– Minimum 3 years of production experience
– Proven experience in producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, and explosions
– Knowledge of Houdini and/or Maya (Bifrost) and/or 3dsmax (Thinking Particles)
– Familiarity with at least one node based compositing software, and a solid understanding of the compositing process
– Organised, team player, clear communicator and an overall positive and calm attitude

– Good generalist TD background
– Python, Mel, Maxscript, C++ knowledge
– Good knowledge of math and physics
– Willingness to learn new skills and techniques

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