Hazardous Waste Survey
This survey is a follow up to the household hazardous waste survey Kensington North Watersheds Association released in the fall of 2018. Please select the answer that fits the most with your knowledge and behaviors towards household hazardous wastes.

Responses are anonymous and the deadline for submissions has been extended until *March 30, 2020*
Question 1. Do you know what products are hazardous waste? *
Question 2. Do you know how to dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW)? *
Question 3. Have you visited a waste watch drop-off centre (e.g. New London, Wellington, GreenIsle Charlottetown, etc.) to dispose of your HHW or other products with hazardous components (e.g. batteries, electronics, light bulbs)? *
Question 4. Have you visited other locations to dispose of hazardous products (e.g. grocery store with battery bin, mechanic for used motor oil, antifreeze products, etc.?) *
Question 5. How likely are you to visit a waste watch drop-off centre or another facility to dispose of your hazardous products in the future? *
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