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Over the past few years I've tried lots of different marketing tactics, social media platforms etc and I've come to the conclusion that quite a lot of it is a waste of time and money. It helps for exposure, of course, but it doesn't produce sales or convert people into fans.

Then I heard about Kevin Kelly's '1000 true fans' model - which suggests that if you can get 1000 true fans of your work or product, they are infinitely more valuable than tens of thousands of non-engaged randoms.

So, my aim is to identify my real fans. Those of you who look forward to my new releases, who are interested in how I write or where I get my ideas from, and most importantly, those of you who are immersed in my fantasy world and are desperate for the next installment.

It's entirely possible that there will only be one or two of you who consider yourself true fans, but that's okay - you're still more valuable than my random 10.1K twitter followers! I've put together this form to gather information on my fans - who you are, what you want from me, and what I should write next.

Here are the links to my books, you know - just in case you aren't a fan... YET

The Phoenix Project -
A Chronicle of Chaos -
The Shield of Soren -
Genesis of Light -
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