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Are we doing enough to attract top talent to magazines?

The MPA asked itself that question at its planning session this year – and the answer was a tentative “Maybe not.”
Since then, we’ve talked to staff at AUT’s Communications Studies programme and at the Media Design School, who confirm that fewer students are doing journalism (or editorial design). Students are attracted to the content of magazines, and to their editorial polish, but don’t tend to think of them when it comes to job selection.

To help turn that around, the MPA is planning a simple, flexible web-based work experience programme to match students with magazines, and build their awareness of career opportunities and industry contacts.
MPA publishers can put short profiles of their magazine on our website, and indicate whether they would be willing to have students visit for a half-day, a day, or more.

Students will fill in forms about their interests and skills, and the MPA will match students and publishers.
The MPA is aware that hosting a formal internship of a week or two is a big ask for tight editorial teams, so the aim is to offer something much more short-term and informal, to give students a taste of magazines, and whet their appetite for a career in the industry.

Louise Matthews of AUT suggests that students could help with writing (short pieces for “What’s Happening” style columns or longer features if there is time); social media posts, newsletters, video or could attend shoots or styling sessions.

To be part of the programme complete the survey below. You’ll be supporting our efforts to encourage talent into magazines, but you won’t be committing to anything just yet.

We’ll let students know about the opportunities when they get back to uni in early March. If someone wants work experience on your title, the MPA will contact you and see if it suits.
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