Family Feedback for Anishinabe Academy
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How many students do you have attending Anishinabe Academy? What grade levels? *
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What is your home school or school you live closest to?
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Why did you choose Anishinabe Academy? *
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For 6th grade, would you choose Sanford Middle School (South Minneapolis) or Northeast Middle School (North Minneapolis)? *
If given the choice between a school with a native focus or a school with more options, what choice would you make?
How important are the following things: *
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Not Very Important
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Committee Work (Site Council)
Day Time Events (Hoop Dancer, NED Show)
Student Celebration (Golden Eagle Feather Awards)
Meeting with Teachers (Conferences)
Family Night Activities
Family Night Drum and Dance
Family Night Performances or Speakers
Regalia Class
Adding After School Programs (Lacrosse)
Current After School Programs (Beacons)
Rank the following in order from most important to least important. *
1- Most Important
2- Somewhat Important
3- A Little Important
4- Not Very Important
5- Not at All Important
Reading and Math Tutoring
Drum and Dance
Family Event Dinner
How can Anishinabe improve or change?
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What do you like about Anishinabe Academy?
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Comments and/or questions
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