Racial Equity Grant Application
Understanding that race inequitably influences the lived experience of many in our country and our community, this fund supports anti-racism work in the Grinnell area so that the structures we influence are less likely to negatively impact Black, Indigenous, and people of color. The fund provides grants to community organizations actively advancing racial equity by changing policies, institutions, or systems to address individual and/or institutional racism so that our community has a more intentional, proactive, and cooperative approach to creating a culture of equity and anti-racism.

Priority will be given to proposals that address multiple items below:

• Seek to understand and acknowledge racial history and disparities
• Create a shared vision of a fair and inclusive society
• Help build civic, economic, cultural, or political power for Black, Indigenous, and people of color
• Strive to bring about long-lasting systems change
• Address relevant policies, practices, or systems serving as barriers to racial equity
• Demonstrate collaborative partnerships in the community
• Show promise that the desired results will be achieved
• Leverage additional funding
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