TOKIHA Summer 2019 Counselor Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to TOKIHA Summer Camp!

1) Before you get started, please make sure that you have read the Counselor page on our website and understand the role you are applying for.
2) Please complete all the following fields. We recommend that you write up answers to the essay prompts on a separate file (i.e. Word) so that you do not suddenly lose them.
3) Please submit your resume at the bottom of the page as one-page document in PDF format. In case you were unable to attach it, you can also email it us.
4) Please beware that there would be three rounds of interviews, and each round is informed to the successful applicants via email.

Successful applicants will be interviewed for the next round shortly after the deadline with details forwarded via email. Good luck, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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Essays and Short Responses
Every TOKIHA summer camp is unique because of the different passions each counselor brings to camp. What do you feel passionate about? (Max 50 words)
What about TOKIHA appeals to you? (Max 300 words)
TOKIHA summer camps are structured with unique workshops designed and created by different counselors. Tell us about a workshop idea that you would like to create, even if it is not fully developed. Make sure to be clear about the purpose of this workshop, what you want to communicate with this workshop, and how it aligns with the theme of TOKIHA. Please also include a rudimentary idea of how this workshop will achieve that goal. Lastly, try to be as original as possible. (Max 300 words)
No workshop is perfect. What are some potential logistical and facilitation issues of this workshop? What are some potential solutions? (Max 300 words)
**These answers won't affect the outcome of your application**
Are you available on our 1st and 2nd Simulation Day? Simulation Days are devoted to testing out our different workshops. (March 16 and May 25)
Do you have a passport that expires later than August 2019? And if so, which country? This is so that we can make sure all the counselors can attain Visitor's Visa to enter Japan on time.
If you have any knowledge of Japanese Language, please give us the estimate. *
No knowledge
Native or Quite Proficient
What are your plans for Spring 2019 semester [Jan-May 2019] and next summer? (List commitments, extra-curricular activities, work, etc. if applicable. Be transparent!) *
If you personally know someone who had participated in TOKIHA, please mention the name.
How did you hear about us? *
Please attach your resume. Please submit one-page document in PDF format.
Thank you for your time filling out our application! Our admission team will read your application thoroughly and make decisions promptly. We will send out the results and interview details for successful applicants within a week after the deadline. Please stay tuned!
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