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Feedback: Albany High School Principal
The City School District of Albany will engage in a national search this fall to identify the permanent principal of Albany High School. We are interested in getting feedback about this important decision from families, staff and community members.

From the descriptions below, please select the top five characteristics you would like to see in the principal of Albany High School. Please rank your choices with 1 as your strongest preference, 2 as your next preference, and so on.

Articulates a clear vision for the school that inspires and engages faculty and staff to develop and realize plans for increasing student achievement
Creates a school environment characterized by clear and high expectations, personal commitment and accountability for results and continuous improvement
Provides strong leadership and actively cultivates good teaching and learning practices in all classrooms, including the effective use of data on student performance to regularly inform instructional planning
Recognizes and eagerly accepts the challenges presented by the high-need and broadly diverse students and community we serve
Uses collaborative decision making processes that place the interest of students first while seeking, valuing and respecting the views of staff and parents where appropriate
Communicates clear performance expectations for staff, monitors progress and provides timely and regular feedback
Seeks and encourages parent and community involvement in and support for the school and school district, particularly parents who are intimidated by the school system
Understands and embraces the defined roles and responsibilities of the school principal, district level leadership and the Board of Education
Demonstrates clear evidence of the following traits: ____________ •Abiding interest in the youth we serve ____________ •An ethical backbone of steel _______________ •Ability to maintain focus, conscious decision-making and self-control under pressure
Please provide any additional feedback in the space below. Thank you!
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