Girls Science Club Planning Committee Application
A position has opened on our planning board and we would like to recruit a new leader! Please fill out this form and we will get back to you soon. Email Sarabeth Buckley at if you have any questions.
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How many GSC activities have you come to?
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How many GSC activities have you lead?
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Can you commit to the responsibilities of a board member?
Responsibilities: 1. Come to ~monthly meetings to plan the girls science club 2. Lead at least 2 and likely 3 activities each semester 3. Try to make as many of the Girls Science Club Activities as possible 4. Take on one logistics task (e.g. Finances, Blog, Pictures, Fliers, Candy)
If you responded "No" or "Mostly" to the above question, please explain why.
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Which of these extra tasks would you be interested in contributing to?
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Suggest one activity you would be interested in leading:
Include the title, scientific concepts the activity addresses, a brief description of how the activity would work, and what, if anything, the girls could physically take home with them after it. You can look on our website for resources tips and potential activity structures (
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