Survey on Chess and Female Empowerment
Chess and Female Empowerment is the theme of the London Chess Conference 2019. Please spare 5 minutes to answer 14 questions. If you answer by 30 November, your views add value to our debates.
Q1 Please share something about yourself: *
Q2 What is your chess background? *
Q3 In your own experience as a player *
Q4 Which is the best explanation (in your country) why so few women play chess competitively? *
Q5 Which is the best explanation of the higher drop-out rate of adolescent girls from competitive chess? *
Q6 Which of the following explains best why so few women reach high chess ratings. *
Q7 What do you think of the women titles awarded by FIDE? *
Q8 What do you think of the obligation to have a female on each chess team? *
Q9 Should youth competitions be separated? *
Q10 Should there be separate championships and leagues for women? *
Q11 What do you think of prize money for women? *
Q12 Who should lead chess for women?
Q13 What do you think about the gender ratio on the board of your national federation? *
Q14 What is your role in chess for girls and women? *
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