2020-2021 Palacios ISD Device Agreement
This form must be completed for EACH student who is starting the 2020-2021 School year with Remote Learning.
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Note: The term "device" refers to any chromebook, laptop, hot spot, or other technology equipment owned by Palacios ISD.  
Palacios ISD offers certain technology devices for student use on a loan basis. Prior to issuance of any device for extended use please read and sign this document.  Parents and students must follow the PISD Technology Acceptable Use Policy when using PISD Devices.
General use and care guidelines include but are not limited to the following:
Each student is responsible for the care, security and upkeep of his/her device. Including but not limited to protection from:
Spills, food, inclement weather, and other liquids
        Damage while in backpacks, lockers, bleachers, classroom walkways, or anywhere it could sustain impact.

Students shall not remove any identifying stickers from the device.

Students shall report any and all device failures and/or malfunctions to their campus administrator for repair.

Each student with a 24 hour device is responsible for charging their device each night. Any issues with device failing to charge properly should be reported to the campus administrator or other designee.

Each student shall utilize his/her device at all times in accordance with the Palacios ISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, Palacios ISD Acceptable Use Policy Board policies, and all applicable state and federal laws.

Students are not allowed to download or install any software or other materials except those approved by PISD Technology. Students shall not alter the  operation of the  device in  any  way  including hardware, software, or operating systems or attempt to circumvent PISD filtering systems.

A student shall not “swap” or “share” his/her device with other students. A student shall have possession of his/her assigned device at all times.

Under no circumstances may devices be left in unsupervised areas. Any device left in an unsupervised area is in danger of being stolen. The student and parent/guardian are responsible if a device is stolen. Unsupervised devices will be confiscated by staff and taken to the school office. Disciplinary action may be taken for leaving a device in an unsupervised location.

If a device is lost or stolen, or believed to be stolen, the parent/guardian and student are responsible for making an immediate report to the campus administrator or their designee. The student will be issued a temporary daily device until the device is returned. If the device is not recovered the parent/guardian and student will be responsible for paying the Palacios ISD the current market value of the device. If the device is damaged, PISD tech will then assess damage and assign a fine for the damage according to reasonable repair/repurchase rate.

A student shall not share his/her password with other students or any other person with the exception of parents or guardians.  Passwords should always be kept confidential.

As it is District property, students have no right to privacy as it pertains to the device. District staff and administration may at any time, and at the sole discretion of Palacios ISD, search the device for any reason. Such searches may include, but are not limited to, a search of email on the device, information regarding internet usage, and information regarding network communications, documents, files and Drive content.

For those who select Option #2, a student’s failure to meet the check-out and check-in procedures may subject that student to disciplinary action.

Failure to use the device in an appropriate manner will result in consequences as determined by the staff and administration of Palacios ISD. Possible consequences may include, but are not limited to, the following:
     Restricted use of device and resources.
     Cancellation of student use or access privileges.
     Suspension from school.
     Expulsion from school.
     Civil or criminal liability under applicable laws.
     The District will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to violations of computer crime laws.

Students and/or guardians may be responsible for damage to any issued device. Librarians will notify students and guardians if fines are to be assessed for damages incurred.

Each device will be required to be returned to campus at the end of the school year or date of withdrawal, whichever comes first. If either the device or the charger are not returned, then the parent/guardian and student will be responsible for paying the Palacios ISD the current market value of the device and/or charger.
I acknowledge of receipt of this Palacios ISD School Device Agreement, that legal title of any and all devices belongs to Palacios Independent School District, and my agreement to abide by and adhere to all rules and guidelines herein, as well as my agreement to abide by and adhere to the Palacios ISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, Palacios ISD Acceptable Use Policy, Board policies, and all applicable state and federal law, and my understanding that my failure to abide by and adhere to these rules, guidelines, District documents and applicable state and federal law may subject me to disciplinary action and civil or criminal liability. *
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