Sage Valley Board Member Nomination
Thank you for making a nomination! This form is completely anonymous. We will reach out to anyone nominated with more information to see if they are interested and a good fit for our Board. They will not know they were nominated by you and you will not be notified (again, this form is anonymous!). Please follow the form directions and fill in as much as possible, as we will not be able to follow up with you afterwards if the nomination has any essential missing details or information. Fill out this form separately for each individual you would like to nominate if there is more than one. Thank you!
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Will the individual you are nominating be reliable, consistent, motivated, and committed to the work that needs to be done as a board member (required monthly meetings, work outside of meetings, regular communication, etc.)? See more details about role responsibilities here: *
What is the name of the individual you like to nominate to our board? *
If you have any contact information for the individual (email, text number, facebook link, etc.), please give that to us here. If not, leave this question blank and go on to the next one!
*OPTIONAL* Why do you think this individual would be a good fit or do a good job on our Board of Directors?
*OPTIONAL* What role(s) do you think this individual would thrive in?
*OPTIONAL* If you would like to give us any more information about this individual or the nomination, please do so here :)
*OPTIONAL* If you would like to leave us your name and contact information in case we have any follow up questions or need help getting in touch, please do that here.
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