COVID-19 Impact Survey: South Carolina Museums
The South Carolina Federation of Museums is conducting a survey to identify the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on museums throughout the state.
Tell us about your Institution
The first set of questions will help us learn more about your institution and the community you serve.
Institution Name *
City or Town *
County *
Total Employees Full Time (Prior to COVID-19 closures)
Total Employees Part Time (Prior to COVID-19 closures)
Total Annual Budget
Are you county / city funded or a non-profit organization?
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If you are county/city funded, do you anticipate a budget decrease from your government institution?
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COVID-19 Impact
This next set of questions will help the SCFM quantify the impact COVID-19 has had on our state's museums.
What date did you officially close your institution?
Did you have to lay-off any employees?
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If you did have to lay-off staff, how many?
What were the positions of those who were laid off?
How many Part-time staff were let go?
How many Full-time staff were let go?
Did any of your staff report to your building while you were closed?
Clear selection
How many staff were allowed in your building at one time?
Were members of your staff able to work from home?
Clear selection
If staff were able to work from home, how many?
What positions and roles were able to continue, working from home?
Did those working from home retain their same level of employment?
How many staff members were deemed essential and were required to work?
Did any of your employees contract COVID-19?
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Estimated revenue lost during closure
Do you have adequate sanitizing supplies?
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Did you apply for any of the PPP loans?
Clear selection
If so, were you able to receive the funds from the PPP loan?
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Did you apply for any grants?
Clear selection
If so, please list grants you applied for.
Have you received any grants that you applied for?
Clear selection
Have you conducted any fundraisers during the closure?
Clear selection
If you conducted a fundraiser, how much money did you receive?
Outreach, Virtual Programming and Reopening
The final set of questions will cover your museum's response during the COVID-19 epidemic and your plans moving forward
Have you conducted outreach programming during the closure?
Clear selection
If you conducted outreach programming via social media and website, how well were these programs received?
What online platforms or social media outlets were utilized?
What is the maximum occupancy in your building(s)?
Are there any long-term institutional changes due to COVID-19? (Changes in operating hours or days, staff, or closures)
Does you institution have a written reopening plan and procedure?
How might SCFM help you successfully navigate the changes facing your institution moving forward?
Please feel free to write in any additional details about how your museum has been affected by the recent pandemic, that you believe would benefit this survey.
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