IFC Rush 2018 Preference Form
The purpose of this form is to select which THREE organizations you would like to interview with on Thursday, Aug. 30th

Please note: This is a mutual selection process. The completion of this form does not guarantee you will be offered an interview to your preferenced organization(s) or if you are given an interview that you will receive a bid. However, an interview is a prerequisite to receive a bid.

Only one submission per person.

This must be filled out by Wednesday, August 29th at 12pm
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If I do not receive or accept a bid during formal recruitment, I would like to release my information to each of the IFC organizations for later opportunities to join. *
If you are not interested in interviewing with any organization and would no longer like to continue with this process, please say why (if you are continuing, please enter N/A for this answer): *
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