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Data Protection

All sensitive information generated in relation to our work together is securely stored within a password protected account, encrypted software and under googles terms and privacy policies and only accessed on devices with password protection.

Your information will not be shared with 3rd parties unless consent from you is agreed in writing beforehand or Sarah does so in the interest of reducing the risk to you or another person or Sarah is required to do so by law.

Sarah Cooney practices a minimal note-taking approach and therefore does not hold information on you that has not been generated by you. The exception to this approach is in the case of concern for you or others in which Sarah would write a brief note, acknowledging concerns and could hold on file for up to 7 years.

Sarah Cooney endeavours to hold all personal information for the shortest time possible. Therefore all information is held for the minimum amount of time required for our work together and usually no longer than 7 years after our last session when possible.
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