Situation Report (SitRep)
You can use this generic form to provide any number of helpful pieces of information. Be as brief or extensive as you'd like. Very specially though, we'd be anxious for you to share info about your specific geo-area that you're operating in, or taking responsibility for. (Example: Neighborhood or Zipcode.) REMEMBER: You can always come back later and provide an update. This SitRep goes to @ReadyIndy (the metro chapter of the Christian Emergency Network nationally).
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What is the address and/or geographic area you're reporting about? Example: Command-post at 555 Walter St, 46032 -- and we're covering the ClayTerrace neighborhood.
Tell us about any or all: Your TEAM & capabilities, what TIME-frame you're reporting about, TROUBLE/hazards/environment/property-safety, and 'TRIAGE' (victims & status). Any Next-steps you have in mind?
Are you just testing/practicing reporting?
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