Introduction to polysaccharide characterization and their physicochemical properties
2, 3 y 4 de mayo 2017


1.- Introduction to natural polymers and biopolymers

2.- Main characteristics of biopolymers

3.- Chemical structure of polysaccharides (chemical analysis, NMR…). Examples of few important polysaccharides

4.- Solubility and purification

4.1.- Role of H-bond network

5.- Water soluble polysaccharides and polyelectrolyte properties; introduction to semi-rigid polymers

6.- Main techniques for polymers characterization (SEC, Light scattering, viscometry)

7.- Solution and conformation: Hyaluronic acidy, chitosan, xanthan or succinoglycan (conformational transition)

8.- Physical Gels: Alginate, carrageenan, methylcellulose

8.1.- Mechanisms of gelation

8.2- Structure of junction zones

9.- Processing and applications of few polysaccharides: hyaluronan, chitosan (biological properties), alginate, methylcellulose.

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