Poster Contest for Mental Health Awareness
We are asking community members to consider what they’d like to see for a poster promoting Mental Health Awareness, as we all come from different experiences.

What We're Looking For:

-An eye-catching poster design/graphic to promote Mental Health Awareness.
-A positive message that raises awareness of issues surrounding mental health, stigma reduction, and hope
-Original content and creativity.

There are three categories:
-Awareness to parents about children, or aimed at children (e.g. on feelings)
-Awareness for teens
-Awareness for adults

Contest Information & Rules:
-Posters should promote a positive message, e.g. “You are not alone”
-Posters must also include the contact information of at least one support network for those suffering from mental health issues (e.g. NAMI, Heart and Soul, Trevor Project, etc.)
-Any medium may be used (e.g. crayon, paint, pencil, marker, photographs, collage, etc.).
-Submit online - link to an image you have uploaded elsewhere.
-Winners will receive a gift card to a local business for helping promote this message

Please provide link to your poster image *
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