Client Satisfaction Survey
Disability Rights California (DRC)
1831 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone (916) 504-5800 / Fax (916) 504-5802 / TTY (800) 719-5798
Toll Free (800) 776-5746
I was treated well by the staff.
I talked to a staff member within two (2) days of calling.
I could understand the information I got.
I was listened to by DRC.
I was helped with my question/problem by DRC.
I would ask for help from DRC again.
Other things I want to tell you about the services I received from DRC.
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If you received a publication, please fill out the following questions.
1. What is the title of the publication you received?
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2. This publication was easy to understand?
3. This publication was easy to find online?
4. I feel that I am a better advocate or self-advocate because of this publication?
5. I am using this publication: (Check all that apply)
6. Disability Rights California could improve this publication by:
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7. I wish you would create a publication on the subject of:
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8. My preferred format for this publication is: (Check all that apply)
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